Appetais Italia S.p.A was established more than 20 years ago, becoming soon an excellent producer of seafood ready meals.

Right from the start, Appetais focused with great passion on developing and creating recipes and new ready meal concepts with the main aim of anticipating and meeting the demands of increasingly discerning consumers, who look for tasty, healthy choices but who often have little time to devote to cooking.

Two production plants, in the industrial area of Genova Bolzaneto, were designed to satisfy consumer’s requests with the aim to mantain the Italian food tradition and raw materials quality in the entire supply chain.

This enables to maintain careful control over products and to improve constantly the processes in pursuit of the highest quality standards.

Constant research also underlies new products development. With chef and food designer collaborations, a new product developed meets the consumers’ demands in terms of quality, taste, speed of preparation and innovation.

Appetais production plants have been designed to meet the strictest food and workplace safety standards and are actively committed to waste recycling and responsible energy consumption, using renewable and low environmental impact energy sources, and applying energy saving measures.

To meet growing market demand, in 2016 Appetais decided to convert its historic bakery plant into a facility exclusively dedicated to the production of frozen GLUTEN FREE products, such as pizza and the typical Ligurian farinata, with AIC certification.

The plant is specialized in stuffed and non-stuffed pizzas, vegetable bases and Ligurian farinata exclusively GLUTEN-FREE for the national and foreign market in all the GDO, HORECA, GD, etc.

Quality is a guiding principle – it is embedded in our entire business cycle: from the idea of a new product to its actual creation.

The whole process is closely monitored by means of a careful selection of suppliers, an array of product checks and analyses on raw materials, ongoing monitoring of production processes right up to checks on the end product. Control & Quality Assurance staff supervise production relying on the services of a multidisciplinary team of technicians and biologists and accredited external laboratories, thus guaranteeing optimum standards of food safety.

 “Food Passion” is not only a clan, it is our being!


The Made in Italy quality is recognised worldwide, its enviable attention is on nutritional balance, taste, health and lifestyle.

To date, the real revolution is on Plant-based production and development as a conscious and sustainable food approach.

Plant-based foods are processed with plant derivates such as vegetables, cereals, legumes, vegetable proteins and leave out meat and dairy products.

The demand for products that meet these dietary needs is making itself felt more and more, dictated by a target of consumers who pay great attention to quality and nutritional values.

Plant-based diets have to be, from the point of view of nutrition, healthy and complete.

This is not only a market trend but about a lifestyle that also involves nutrition, which looks with extreme attention to sustainability, health and ethics.

The Cucina Pianta brand was created to combine these needs with the goodness of Italian food, a guarantee all over the world!

A team of R&D experts and technologists is engaged in the creation of innovative plant-based frozen products that are studied by exploiting the know-how of traditional Italian cuisine.

Thanks to freezing, the nutritional characteristics are maintained. The long shelf life helps in the optimal management of the supply chain and in reducing food waste, giving the possibility to keep the products in the freezer and use them even in the long term.

In this way, the “Cucina Pianta” brand was born, covering a range of products ranging from first courses to second courses and desserts. All strictly 100% Plant-Based.

Traditional Italian recipes are revisited on the principles of a diet based on vegetable proteins, without forgetting the taste, but with an eye to healthy nutrition and nutritional balance.

Ready meals are available such as lasagna, cannelloni, spaghetti with meatballs, fettuccine, ravioli.

Or meatballs, burgers, parmigiana.

The range is completed by desserts, such as the classic tiramisu and the black forest.

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Amica Natura is the food company Alcass SpA’s trademark, among the largest market player of frozen food in Italy.

The company was founded in 1987 in Bedizzole, in the distric of Brescia along the coast of lago di Garda.

The intuition was to preserve local meat on the best nutritional quality, without the preservative utilisation, but with a deep-freezing technique and anticipating the widespread Skin technology.

Alcass has always wanted to be a pioneer in this sector, anticipating market trends.

In the early 2000s, Alcass expands its own factories starting the production of plant-based food made with plant’s proteins.

At that time plant-based and vegetarian products were still a little market segment however, the company spotted their sustainability potential compared to meat products.  

Amica Natura” trademark was extremely wanted by the top management and founded in 2005. Amica Natura started to make its own way in the most imported food retail chains both in Italy and abroad, in the catering and foodservice.

Over the years, the company has achieved values such as sustainable food consumption, high raw materials quality and a commitment towards our ambient.

Environmental sustainability has been always a priority in the company development plan.

These concepts are found also with the organic production line, which encloses fundamental values such as the respect of breeding and farming’s rhythm and harmony, and conscious consumption.

Over the years, the plants have been expanded and food production has become more efficient, sustainable, traceable and transparent. Into R&D laboratories, our experts study new food formulations to guarantee innovative and high-quality products.

For 30 years Alcass has been a partner for the most important symbols of Large-Scale Retail Trade and Retail Purchasing Consortiums with regards to private labels as well as distributor of a wide range of Amica Natura brand products, meaning sustainable nutrition and high-quality raw material. 

A lot of proposals come both from a classic meat production line, with frozen food dishes such as hamburgers, meatballs, Milanese cutlets and much more, to a Plant-Based line with a wide range of high-grade organic foods.

To date, the company counts around 50 workers in Bedizzole Plant with 8000 sqm capacity and exports actively to Europe and to the USA.

Alcass is a company with a guarantee and safety of food quality that brings together tradition, innovation and its closest values such as the respect and protection of Nature and human health but with a glance to the future to anticipate markets needs.

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